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GinjaNinja turns 21!

Reaching this milestone is seen as a coming of age, but in business, I think it is a sign of resilience, grit, determination, skill, and an undeniable passion. 21 Years ago, headed by myself, the founder and owner, I wanted to take my unique approach to PR and bottle it. There was room for a […]

The power and pitfalls of generative AI a year after ChatGPT

Are you an AI optimist or a pessimist? Do you think AI will help humanity solve some of our biggest and most complex challenges, or are you worried about the existential risk of superintelligent AI in the wrong hands? Much of the commentary on the topic, even from well-respected media outlets, often falls into this […]

PR is the breakthrough marketing tool that delivers

A recent independent study in the UK, reveals that 76% of UK CEOs don’t understand the value PR brings to their organisations. While there aren’t reliable figures available in South Africa, marketing and PR professionals have an opportunity to demonstrate the connection between PR and business growth – and take advantage of the power of […]

Agility and resilience are the cornerstones of 21st century PR

Agility and resilience are two aspects that businesses need to look for in a PR partner. The PR industry has undergone tumultuous change in an ever-changing business landscape and the birth of birth of digital like as social media. This has flipped PR backwards as clients choose digital over PR and then fast forward back […]

You are only as amazing as your customers say you are

It’s often the first to be cut and the last to be adequately respected for its impact on the bottom line, but how your business communicates has never been more important, argues Samantha Hogg-Brandjes, Owner and MD of GinjaNinja – South Africa’s leading boutique tech PR agency. My 14-year-old told me that her ambition is […]

Social Media is not a viable PR Strategy

By: Samantha Hogg-Brandjes, MD of GinjaNinja A teenager receives a note from the back of the class. Do you like me? Tick the box: Yes or No. A sign of intent, to be sure. But it’s fanciful to believe that a simple “like” creates a relationship of substance. Yet worldwide, businesses are investing millions of […]

Collective Purpose + Impact 

Sisters, Samantha and Lisa Hogg want to bring Africa and business-with-purpose closer together. Samantha runs GinjaNinja, a storytelling communications agency and Lisa runs Brave, an Amsterdam-based consultancy focused on embedding sustainability into business. With a vision to help define purpose strategies as a business, through informed investments and behaviours, the Hoggs believe that brands are […]

Building trust with the power of PR  

In these cynical times where misinformation and distrust dominate and an advertising weary public seek real authenticity, Samantha Hogg-Brandjes, owner and MD of GinjaNinja says public relations’ role has never been more important, or underutilised, for building trust.   A long cycle of doubt, dishonesty and pessimism has culminated in 2022 being a watershed year for […]