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Making Hotdogs is not your normal (read: average) business book. It is the hard work of a woman who, as a young girl, was voted ‘most likely not to succeed’. But did it anyway because she was anything but average.

2021 marked my 30th year in Public Relations, and the 18th birthday of GinjaNinja. Despite the many trials I have experienced, both personal and professional, my business is still thriving. And to think I was only 19 years old when it all began.

Most people understand Public Relations as communication management, brand development and initiating conversations around a product or service that is supposed to improve our lives in some way. But what most Public Relations consultants won’t really tell you is that it’s about people. How we connect. How we relate to one another. And how we use visuals to establish common ground.

It would have been too easy to write a traditional ‘how-to’ guide for Public Relations as a job, but there’s nothing traditional about my story or my career and certainly not about what it’s really like to be in this industry. As much as it is a guide, it is also an intimate look at my life, and what it’s taken to get here. It hasn’t been all sunshine and roses but it has certainly been worth it. No matter how wild the stories may be, I have put together my most coveted tips for succeeding in PR. And maybe a few bloopers too.

Because when life tests you, sometimes we have to learn to just make hotdogs and enjoy the sunshine.