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When knee surgery and building a business collides

Six weeks ago I had quite a serious knee operation. To be honest, I had no idea the severity of my cartilage tear nor what the continued recovery entailed. Today, as I drove back from the orthopedic surgeon having been given the green light for slightly more rigorous exercise and ultimately running again, I was extremely grateful. I realised in the moment that I should be proud of myself for making it through another one of life’s tough challenges and that the characteristics used to overcome this are equally what I use in my business to ensure it survives. There are so many opinions on how to be an entrepreneurial success, along with the same number of stories damning small business to failure. GinjaNinjaPR is approaching its 16th year in January and surviving the past two years has definitely been the hardest. It was during this time that I had to keep believing in what I do, push my profile, extend my reach and focus on keeping clients more than happy. The economy hit us hard and clients had to make cuts. There is nothing more disconcerting than taking a hit when it has very little to do with your quality of service or skill. So, much like recovering from the surgery, determination pushed me forward, accepting that some things are beyond my control and only time and continued effort and belief in my ability will win the day. I kept blogging, offered PR-lite packages, networked myself more and made sure that I still retained an innate love for what I do. The community I have built up over my 27-year career helped us move forward. References started coming in and some exceptional projects appeared. I can feel the upswing starting and I am very grateful. This would not have happened if I did not simply keep trucking. Giving up or getting overwhelmed by business challenges is never an option. You have to keep pushing, finding new ways and creating different opportunities. As I get my knee strong, my business is growing too. I spent the good part of four weeks with my feet up, but my brain fully engaged. I didn’t take time off, I used the isolation to get my teeth into new work and its paying off. Being an entrepreneur is not easy, nor is it a smooth and predictable ride. It is definitely worth it and I am ready for the next journey as we Ninjas continue to provide invaluable services to existing and new clients, pushing the power of PR every step of the way.

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