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The drive for good PR comes from the sum of small efforts

Yesterday was International Women’s Day and while it was great to see the acknowledgment of women, I didn’t write anything because I simply didn’t have the energy or time. It made me think about the role we play and the countless women I keep meeting who balance epic amounts on a daily basis, while fighting gender bias, discrimination and misogyny. We manage and accomplish a lot every hour of the day and when asked “how we do it”, a shrug is probably the most common response because we just do, because we have too. I’m a single Mom to two young girls and I am truly amazed that my brain hasn’t exploded by now. Managing three lives, a home and a business is quite the task, but (insert shrug) it’s life and it’s my reality. Oddly, but not uncommon for me, while running before the sun set yesterday, I realised that the secret to my success is also the secret to the success of my PR campaigns. I keep going, day in and day out, I move forward, sometimes with a skip in my step and other times just managing to place one foot in front of the other. But, it’s forward none the less and this is what PR requires. Each month you commit and communicate, you educate and create awareness. Some months will be exciting and full of activity, while other months will be less so, but you keep doing it. You don’t give up on PR just as much as you don’t give up taking kids to school or cooking meals. It’s not always fun and exhilarating, but in the end the bigger picture is what matters. You are creating and shaping perceptions about your business and need to give your audience credit, they won’t just accept random or once–off PR attempts as gospel.  You need to invest in them via your PR strategy.

Robert Collier said ‘Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day-in and day-out.”

Be a Robert and commit to PR over the long term. Join the mindset of women and just keep pushing forward, knowing the end will eventually justify the means.

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