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See the value of your team and acknowledge it

A new client surprised us recently with a gift. She included a note that thanked us for not only assisting with her small business, but more importantly for helping her find her passion and drive again. The latter really made me happy as I have always said that my business is small because I want to make a big difference. Her gratitude and effort was also very much appreciated and it made me think that not often, if at all, do service providers get much of a thank you, never mind a wonderful gift. Saying this, I do recall Mark Adams, who co-founded global PR agency, Text 100, saying to us that the paycheck at the end of the day is your thank you. I learnt this as an account manager back in 1996 and have never forgotten it. Yet, receiving a gift this week really mattered. It wasn’t the value, but more the sentiment and the amazing note attached. It really does matter to not only treat service providers with respect, but to also acknowledge and show your appreciation for all their hard work. Business is personal and we take what we do seriously, attaching not only pride, but integrity to each and every job we do. To know that this is noticed and appreciated makes a difference and has a direct impact on our confidence as professional consultants. I don’t think enough clients realise the importance of a good service provider, especially in PR, which is why I decided to write about it. Just take a moment and drop an email, send flowers or just say ‘by the way, thank you, your service is awesome.’ It will go a long way to further develop an already good relationship. Feeling valued is a natural human desire and it assists with positive self-worth, connects us and makes people feel seen. Next time you get good results or a project is a great success, take the time and acknowledge your team.  They would really appreciate it.

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