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PRs role as a news source remains critical to media

PRs role as a news source remains critical to media

I recently read a report stating that almost half the respondents of a corporate communications survey did not know what value PR delivers to business. A further 20% did not even know what PR stands for. Carried out by Censuswide and commissioned by Releasd, the report, while European based, is cause for concern. I would estimate that the local projections would be much higher in terms of a lack of understanding and appreciation of PR, leaving the discipline in a precarious position. It’s an interesting conundrum given that there has never been a more important time for PR. As so many businesses strive towards digital disruption, they arguably face one of their most significant challenges, making the role of communications all the more important. When I say communications, I don’t mean social media alone, The 2019 Global Media Influence Survey by Ogilvy’s international headquarters, reported the opposite in fact, saying that media prefer business stories through a PR channel as opposed to social media and influencers. That is not to say that these tools are not utilised, they are, but the preferred source is PR. I have always believed in an integrated approach and the report concurs, saying that a balanced combination of earned, owned and paid media is the best way to successfully position a brand. It would seem that while many thought social media was the critical component, it’s been proven that it is merely a communications tool, owned and implemented by a solid PR strategy. But before we even go there, it is important for businesses to better understand the need for, and role of, PR.

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