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Influencer marketing and its symbiotic relationship with PR

Influencer marketing is predicted to dominate in 2020. This is according to a recent report on Social Media Today, which says that nano and micro influencers will matter, as will the use of alternate platforms. They also believe that video content will continue to grow and that adopting a storytelling approach will become more critical.  

In the report done by DCI, it states that Google searches have increased by 1500% over three years, showing that influencer marketing is on the rise. Having this direct link to the consumer has changed communications, giving brands an ideal opportunity to build direct relationships with their customers. Understandably, it has also presented many challenges in terms of creating the content, managing the communications and understanding how these platforms can play a strategic role in communications.

While the scale is infinitely bigger, what should be agreed at the outset of any influencer marketing is the communications strategy, including what you are selling and the messages that you will use.

This is really no different to any PR campaign and yet again highlights the importance of the tool within digital communications. I often talk about social media and its perceived rivalry with PR, however, what is becoming more evident is that they need to work together far more often.

Ultimately, the PRs are your story tellers. It’s what we do all day. If this is broken into bite sizes and shared on social media platforms in addition to using it via media channels, then the client is at least guaranteed a consistent message.

More importantly, someone is taking charge of proactively communicating, creating opportunities and telling stories on the clients’  behalf.  This is almost a prerequisite for a successful PR and social media campaign. Stories are intended to educate, influence and build rapport with an audience. They build relationships with customers and the media, shifting and shaping perceptions.

If you want to investigate any kind of influencer marketing, make sure you have the right skills onboard and don’t forget the most important element, the content. Stories don’t tell themselves. PR consultants cultivate and create them.

Happy influencing in 2020. Make it count.

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