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How personable is your brand?

August is an important month for me.  Historically, I have three siblings’ birthdays and it’s also the anniversary of the day the bottom fell out and I started my solo journey as a parent.

Six years later, I approach this month with way more pride and appreciation. Not only have I journeyed far and hard, but I also relaunched my special PR business into what is now fondly known as GinjaNinjaPR.

One year ago, I decided to close yet another chapter and start afresh and anew with some spunk and a new energy.  I am deeply proud of what we have achieved in the business and still love my new look and feel.  It’s important that you resonate with your brand because it makes it so much easier to market it.

Loving something means you have an innate passion for it and that has always been my secret weapon, passion. If you are truly invested in your brand, building it will be fun and memorable. If clients don’t get it, they soon will, when they witness your passion and love for what you do and who you are.

A brand needs to be personable and it needs to be real. How will you communicate about something if it is not ‘real’ in the hearts and minds of your audience? Don’t be scared to take risks, colour outside the lines and break with tradition.

There are no rules for brands, there are only limitations set by others. Stand proud and strong with your choice of brand.  As the chief GinjaNinja, I can promise you that my head could not be held high enough. One year later and my brand brings a smile to people’s faces, its memorable and more importantly, it delivers, as a Ninja always does!

Happy birthday GinjaNinjaPR, you are one, while the business that grew before your arrival heads for 15! Odd numbers have always been my thing, maybe I am odd, who knows, but it sure works for me!

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