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Have you met the other Ninja?

Here’s how to make a working relationship rock.

She is leaving on a jet plane, thankfully only for two weeks, but it prompted this blog about finding the right resources for your business. Kirsty and I have been working together for nearly eight years and it has been incredible to watch her grow and develop into a seasoned PR professional. After 27 years in the industry, I can promise you that finding good people is not easy and it is especially tough in this industry. PR requires a multitude of skills and an equal ability to do all these things timeously and with perfection. I have worked with hundreds of people, but none like Kirsty. What we have that helps is a mutual respect for each other. We also complement each other because where I abhor admin, Kirsty is the admin queen. She is not a fan of writing, yet I love to get lost in words. I get restless and need to get out and meet clients and media, where Kirsty will keep the ship stable, providing clients with incredible reports that give them peace of mind and proof that hiring a Ninja was indeed a smart thing to do. We work because while she values me and what knowledge I have imparted, I equally value her for what she brings to my business and life. I have helped her grow into a consummate PR professional and she has assisted in the success of GinjaNinjaPR.  Our environment is relaxed, Kirsty is more a night owl, preferring nocturnal time to do some of the arduous reporting work, while I am an early riser and more productive while the sun shines. The point is that we don’t force a structure, we work around each other, sometimes from home or even bed. Jude, her beloved dog, even comes to work. I don’t count leave days; I don’t count anything. I trust and respect her as a friend and colleague in my business. She makes a tremendous impact on the business and I try my best to acknowledge and reward her appropriately. There are no rules for the working environment you create, it can be whatever works for the team. I think other small businesses can learn from us. How we approach it works well and the important thing it is based on mutual respect and trust. I have to admit I was lucky to meet Kirsty, but if the environment was not conducive, her and I would not be together today. I have given her space and time to grow as she chooses, while sharing my years of PR experience with her too. For someone who had never worked in PR, Kirsty is now a well-versed consultant.  I recognised her potential and gave her an opportunity. She took it and has built a career that has been life-changing.  I think too often we forget that at the end of the day, we are human, just people in business. Not a number, not a subordinate, not an assistant, a person. I guess I appreciate this because I have had more people issues, than not over the years. But, when I saw in her what I did, I created a space that would help her thrive and it has paid off. Thank you Kirsty for being one incredible Ninja. I’m counting the days until you are back and at my side as a Ninja again.

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