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Girls can change the world

I am writing this blog today, officially honouring International Women’s Day, even though I honour women on the daily. Yes, it is great to have a day to focus on the wonderful women of this world but quite seriously, what would this world be without women? 

I have seen it in my career, with my friends and in my family – all strong, fierce, and capable women who embody so much that I admire. And now, having two daughters who are tomorrow’s new generation of powerhouses, I can see it in them and while it amazes me, it also frightens me because I know how hard it is to be a brave and outspoken woman today. In recent news, Meghan Markle is getting it from all sides, and why? Because she stood up and spoke the truth. This is not an easy thing to do, and it takes immense courage. She didn’t speak ‘her’ truth, she spoke ‘the’ truth. By calling it hers, you are marginalising her views and implying that is not truthful. I want my girls to be more like this too and dare I say it, more like me, because I am courageous, powerful and straightforward. 

I speak out against misogyny, I believe that everybody has a right to be heard and respected, I swim upstream, and I often defy the norms. I don’t do this because I am angry or have something to prove, no, I do this because it is who I am. I am forthright and that’s what the world needs and yet it is what is often disparaged. When women are honest, we are viewed as bossy, full of shit and feisty (that’s for me specifically). When, all we are is truthful, bold and strong. My daughters have these qualities too – in bucket loads – and I seriously hope that it continues to pour out of them. That they can forge ahead and continue to blaze the trail for women, making it just that much easier to be candid and sincere, be yourself and not for one moment to doubt your fire or your purpose. 

Happy International Women’s Day to all my ladies out there, go bold, go big and be proud. 

Oh, and be honest. Always.

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