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GinjaNinjaPR Turns 18


As a teenager, turning 18 was an exciting milestone! Seen as an ‘almost adult’ you were hopefully privileged enough to be given a car and diligent enough to have earned a driver’s license. This sense of freedom was the best feeling in the world as you jumped into your car and started driving wherever you wanted! I vaguely remember turning 18, I never got the car and took my time with my license, but this year my eldest daughter reaches that magical number and I get to watch this transformation from the front row. Her milestone is a special one that is shared with the business as GinjaNinjaPR turns 18 to


I started the agency in 2003 with no clients, a dream, and a baby in my belly. I was extremely hopeful and excited to be building a business and a family at the same time. While I am making it sound like a great movie, the truth is that it was fucking scary and totally unplanned, and perhaps a little crazy, to start a business and have a baby. But here we are 18 years later, and my daughter Hope is in Matric and GinjaNinjaPR is one of my proudest accomplishments. They say that only 30 percent of businesses survive 10 years, so to hit 18 feels like an awesome achievement. Having survived all that was the 2000s, a divorce, business split and brand rebirth, GinjaNinjaPR has emerged stronger and more capable than ever before. More recently, enduring the Covid 19 pandemic too has certainly given us more grit.

The business was literally conceived on hope! Defined as having faith, courage, confidence and optimism, in 2003 I left the comfort of a top management position in an international PR agency to start my own business as a PR consultant. The years have brought with them many different projects and people, the ICT sector has been incredible in its unwavering support of this small business, and hope is what has continued to push us forward year after year; believing that we can and will be a success. It is never easy, and you aren’t always your best self, but what it has done is provide for my small family and countless others. It has developed relationships that will last a lifetime and it has delivered many hundreds of successful campaigns.

thank you

I would like to thank my team past and present for their contributions; my service providers for all the assistance and especially my clients for taking a risk on a Ninja, believing her when she said that she could do it, for the countless laughs and all the celebrations and many successes.


As we move into another challenging year, GinjaNinjaPR is ready to be hopeful once again.

  • Hopeful for a safe and healthy year
  • Hopeful for many successful client campaigns
  • Hopeful for many new clients
  • Hopeful for many fun moments
  • Hopeful for happiness and many laughs
  • Hopeful that Africa will shine
  • Hopeful that South Africa will find a united wayforward
  • Hopeful that technology will continue to drive innovation
  • Hopeful that we don’t lose sight of what is important
  • Hopeful that Chelsea will win the FA cup or whatever it is called
  • Hopeful that the Lions will rise yet again
  • Hopeful that above all else, humanity will determine our way forward
  • Hopeful that integrity will always matter
  • Hopeful that Sam will never stop swearing
  • Hopeful that the dogs will actually stop barking during client calls
  • Hopeful that GinjaNinjaPR will continue to thrive

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