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GinjaNinjaPR evolves its 19-year-old brand

2022: a year of growth, harmony, and balance

It’s our 19th anniversary as a communications consultancy and if those years could speak, we would have a best-selling book. Never a dull moment and always a challenge on hand, this agency has literally seen and almost done it all. If we look at this story on numerology (and after the pandemic upheaval of the last two years, why the hell not) 2022 is a ‘master builder’, meaning that it is a year for building a base or structure with a focus on getting back to normalcy and rebuilding our lives. It also speaks to a powerful energy present in 2022 for work-related events and predicts that big thinkers who are willing to put in the work could reap rewards and experience significant growth.

I can feel this energy, and if I am honest, I have let it drive me for the last eight months of 2021. While a tumultuous year, it brought with it some exciting growth for GinjaNinjaPR and we are not done yet with our evolution.

2022 will see us formally expand our services and crystalise the vital role that we play in small and medium sized business in both the B2B and B2C markets. Simply being seen as a PR company only, doesn’t do justice to the team behind GinjaNina. We partner with our clients in an almost personal way and on a level that commits us to doing whatever it takes to help them grow and thrive.

Embracing the 2022 energy and moving forward with our unique passion for communications, marketing, and all things digital, we are dropping the PR from our name and will be known as GinjaNinja, your go-to for both communications and marketing assistance both traditional and digital. Taking our services, a step further, and what makes us unique, aside from my swearing and terrible sense of humour, is our collective passion for storytelling in communication. At the end of the day, no matter what channel you are using, it is the story you want to tell that matters most.

The art of storytelling stretches back to humanity’s early infancy on the African savannah and has remained central to the human experience ever since. It is how we make sense of the world, while trying to understand each other better.

2022 will see GinjaNinja entrench itself as critical storytellers in a world filled to brim with noise. We will aspire to live true to our brand value of ‘doing what we say we will’ and as always, will make sure that no matter what we do, it will always be fucking awesome.

On behalf of the team, we hope that you build masterfully in 2022, find the much-needed balance and harmony after two tough years, and may your businesses grow from strength to strength.

Much love, Chief Ninja,