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Every day is still a school day!

My daughter had her grade 3 prize giving today and the Headmaster, in his speech, spoke of the need for schools to be aware of the changing landscape within which our children are growing up.  He also said that schools need to be aware to, and also ensure, that their approach to education remains relevant and inclusionary. The latter really struck home for me as he spoke about the value of embracing people for who they are, addressing the important fact that not everyone fits into societies or schools allocated boxes. I’m one of those people and I was most certainly one of those students. As always, I like to draw contrasts between my personal life and my approach to business, and this morning’s speech served as a great reminder about celebrating who you are, being aware and proud of your uniqueness and making sure you are in an environment that does that too. Your marketing approach should touch on all the same things really if you think about it.  Be aware of the evolving market place and the changing consumer demands and persona.  Make sure you are reaching out and meeting the demands of the unique customers out there. But most importantly, keep investing yourself into your brand, keep it unique, keep it relevant to you and it will always stand out. As Oscar Wilde said: “Be yourself, everyone else is taken.”  There is no strategy needed if you use who you are, what you value and what you represent as part of your brand persona. I guess GinjaNinjaPR is a great example of just this as there really is only one me.  I proudly stand as the vision behind my brand and it works so well.  It also makes it so fulfilling as I don’t need to pretend or stretch to become what my brand represents, I am it. I do what I say I will. I am the GinjaNinja. I was her in school, only back then, the schools lacked the vision and foresight to recognise one of those kids who didn’t fit into a box, one that had oodles of potential, intelligence and creativity. She wasn’t a traditional A student, but she certainly wasn’t a failure either. Instead of fitting into the school-provided box, she built her own.  So, while I am grateful to hear what I did at school today, I am thankful that I managed to build and build and today, I am still doing it.  Remember that as you face business or marketing dilemmas, the answers are everywhere, deep inside you and your past, and that every day is in fact, still a school day.

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