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Do you want to know why boy’s clubs exist?

It is Women’s Month and I am feeling risqué. I know it sounds crazy, but as much as we can admonish men for their ‘boy club’ mentality there is a big part of me that truly admires it. You see it all over, not just in sport or friendship circles, but also at work. The latter is where I hate them most, but they work and do you know why? Because men have each other’s backs. They understand the ‘bro-code’ Of course, there are always exceptions, but in general guys cover each other no matter what. It makes them more powerful, impenetrable and often, just infuriating. But I admire it and I think women can learn from it. We don’t have each other’s backs, not in business nor in friendships. And those of us that do, end up fairly isolated because it goes against the norm and is often frowned upon. I realise that this opinion may cause much debate or I will simply be the recipient of many eye rolls, but just think about it. Who runs the world? Girls? Well yes, but we act like lone rangers who will cheat each other out of success, accountability, happiness and so much more to get ahead or to keep someone else, mostly a man, happy. In my career, spanning almost three decades, women in business can make me uncomfortable, because we are not always trustworthy and loyal. Ironically, we often bow to the boy’s club, whether it is in business or in friendships. Fight for each other, don’t just give in and sacrifice a colleague or supplier. I even see it at school with the teachers and leadership. We are incredible, us women, but we really need to work on protecting our own, lifting up our best, celebrating our leaders and always and I mean always, have each other’s backs. We need each other to continue the fight for equality; we need each other to show our daughters what being a woman of tomorrow is all about. Don’t climb on top of someone else to make it closer to the boy’s club, climb together and be twice as formidable. Tell your daughters to never choose a boy over a friend, always keep your friendships sacred, always value the input and strength offered by your female friends. Don’t push friends aside because your husband demands it. Keep your circle broad and impactful. Build a community of women and remember that you are all in it together. Many, I’m sure, will want to show me numerous examples of where this is being done, and I don’t doubt it, but it has to be better. I am single Mom and self-employed entrepreneur. It doesn’t get lonelier than this, I can assure you. It also gives you a bird’s eye view of what so many just accept or simply don’t see. We are only as strong as our weakest link. Be a girl. Support a girl. Build a girl.

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