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Celebrating a brand

It’s my birthday today and I realised it’s a great way to not only celebrate my birth, but also that of my quirky little brand I am so proud to call my own. 

Creatively molded around my signature redhair and joke that I am a Ninja, the birth of the brand was a natural evolution and it represents who I am as a person, as well as my partner in crime, Kirsty. While unassuming, we are true ninjas and produce incredible results. It’s important to be able to relate to your brand, no matter what it is, you must represent it in the way you conduct yourself, the work you produce and the overall interaction with your clients.  And have fun with it.

Brands need personalities these days.  There are so many people wanting your attention, they are more likely to remember you if your brand has character. I am yet to meet someone who does not smile when I introduce my company brand, it’s a great ice breaker and provides an immediate platform for me to tell my story and then swiftly move into why they need a ninja. Part of my brand personality is being rooted in tremendous skill. So, while I am a small redhead, I pack a mean PR punch and I make sure potential clients realise this while we are chatting.

I provide a tried and tested service, I have excellent media relationships and I also have 27 years of experience. Being a ninja does not come easy or quickly, so I have graduated and offer these well-honed skills to clients now.

In celebration of my birthday, I had cupcakes made with my signature Spring ninja, simple and silly, but gosh did we all love them. I am quirky, but I am also clever, now who wouldn’t need this kind of ninja on their communications team?

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