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Adaptability, shmaptability!

We don’t need to be more agile, we need to communicate better!

Adaptability, shmaptability! It is now clear, or rather obvious, that 2020 has given us all the biggest kick in the pants. We have been dealt our biggest challenge to date with Covid-19 and boundaries that declare us successful or failures have moved uncomfortably closer.

So, digging deep and pushing on has become the order of the day. For businesses too, change is the new normal, but what I have noticed is that communicating these changes while also managing the resulting anxieties is not always done properly. In fact, our very own Government’s communication is shoddy at best, leaving people to dangerously assume or speculate, which is a sure-fire way to cause havoc.

I know it is hard to run a business, deal with the tough cost-cutting decisions and manage your personal life too, but please do not forget to talk. In these times, I would urge you to communicate honestly and humanely. If you don’t have all the answers say so, if you are working on solutions and need time, say so. If anything has taught us to be more humane, it has been Covid-19. Be honest, be vulnerable and share your processes. Treating people, whether in business, government or at home, like mushrooms, will only bring negativity, frustration and resentment.

The world over there is such a lack of honest dialogue, leaving people wanting. Being a leader in these times will make or break some, the latter can be avoided if you just tick the right boxes. It is an impossible situation, unprecedented, as everyone is saying, so people will forgive you if you are honest and fallible in your communication.

Be consistent with it too, don’t start off with your megaphone blazing and then disappear. Get into a routine of talking, we have seen how desperate people get with intermittent communication from the Government, it is counterproductive. Follow through is vital.

I honestly think as South Africans, we are born adaptable, somehow, we magically evolve and rise to any challenge. Our “cowboy” mentality makes us unique and successful. We just need to learn to communicate more effectively. It is not hard, just trust your gut and intentions. Otherwise, hire a Ninja to help you, it won’t hurt, I promise 😉

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