Over the years, I have had more than a few clients, who due to varying circumstances, have cancelled their PR campaigns. Several, especially last year, had gained excellent traction and were starting to see results. Aside from the harder to measure impact of PR, these people made a classic mistake, they stopped using PR. I ask you this, when you are in a relationship of any sort, do you simply stop speaking? If you do, that person is lost to you in whatever capacity they were in your life.  So why would you stop doing PR in business? And lose a customer, because it can happen.

In an era where customer experience management, customer centricity and customer bloody everything, you strategically kill the one tool that effectively communicates with your customer? No matter how small the campaign, budget or effort, some conversation is better than none.

Yet, locally we still see companies opting in and out, like it is not a necessity but rather a nice to have?  Tell me, is it an option to converse at work, home or with friends? So why would it be any different with customers? I may sound frustrated, I probably am, but it really isn’t rocket science and I so badly wish that brands would realise how much they need PR today.

We live in an ever connected world where social media helps brands, but equally damages them; competition is rife, budgets are tight, economies are struggling, yet the one tool that creates content, tells your story, manages perceptions, creates connections, builds relationships and all cost effectively…is cut.

You have to admit; it is truly crazy. Engage now, today, immediately, and use PR to start conversations, create opportunities and safe guard your reputation for you. No other tool has the ability to laterally defend a brand like PR can.

You want to know when to stop doing PR?  The answer in short is never.