Consistency is the DNA of mastery according to Robin Sharma.  It is also one of the most important elements of any PR campaign. 

I guess consistency applies to all avenues of life, the more you do it, the better the results. In PR, the more you do it, the greater your awareness and you start to build a relationship and even trust with your audience.

This is all on the assumption it is good PR with decent content and compelling stories because often it isn’t.  The fact is that dipping in and out of a market could do more damage and definitely just wastes budget.

Each time you do a PR project, you start again because the last time they spoke to you was months ago. Media assign more credibility to brands that consistently communicate with them. They enjoy being part of a brand’s journey and respond more positively when they receive content on a regular basis and they get to know who the company is, the people behind it and its core purpose.

As much as our project PR provides results, there is a marked interest and better results for retained client news. You simply achieve way more by doing PR each and every month and not from a once off press release or event.

I always advise clients to commit to 12 – 18 months before placing any judgement on PR.  By that time, there is no conversation to have as the client is seeing a return and is constantly working with us on the campaign and feels a lot more comfortable. What is important to mention is that PR is not expensive in comparison to other tools, so we are not expecting clients to gamble with millions.

If you partner with a reasonable, but good agency, your PR doesn’t have to break the bank. It is multi-faceted so the money invested is worth it. Your social media would also be silent without PR’s influence and help, so money well spent.

My consistent advice to clients is ‘not to start something you can’t finish’. It applies to PR as with anything else like social media. Don’t use PR sporadically and expect awesome results, the media is another client that you have and they don’t appreciate inconsistent communications from brands they don’t know well.

You need to nurture and grow your relationship with the media as you would any other target audience.  PR is one of your biggest assets, yet still misunderstood and often underutilised.  So engage now and keep at it for as long as you need to, you won’t regret it.