Press Releases from GinjaNinjaPR

Part of our successful retainer and project client campaigns has been our ability to write interesting and compelling press releases within a short time frame. Please read through some of our press releases below.

13th Aug 2019 in Press Releases


uKheshe PRESS RELEASE – 13 August 2019 The rise of Sub-Saharan Africa as a fintech hub Sub-Saharan Africa is one of the fastest-growing investment zones for financial technology companies according... Read More
30th Jul 2019 in Press Releases


Routed PRESS RELEASE – 30 July 2019 Two years until Infrastructure as a Service boom hits South Africa Routed, a leading vendor neutral provider of cloud infrastructure, says that the... Read More
17th Jul 2019 in Press Releases


Bondspark PRESS RELEASE – 17 July 2019 SA property market hits the sweet spot for first-time buyers The South African property market has seen an upswing in homebuyer activity post-elections,... Read More
16th Jul 2019 in Press Releases

Duke Corporate Education

Duke Corporate Education PRESS RELEASE – 16 July 2019 People first in a digital world: Technology is leading transformation, but people are still at its heart Duke Corporate Education (Duke... Read More
25th Jun 2019 in Press Releases


Storex PRESS RELEASE – 25 June 2019 Storex offers disruptive ICT Infrastructure Lifecycle Extension Services Disruptor, Storex, specialists in Multi-Vendor infrastructure lifecycle extension management, says that on average most displaced... Read More
21st May 2019 in Press Releases


e4 PRESS RELEASE – 21 May 2019 SaaS implementation key to business survival According to Gartner research, by 2020 all new entrants and 80% of historical vendors will offer subscription-based... Read More
18th Mar 2019 in Press Releases


Leadhome PRESS RELEASE – 18 March 2019 User Experience (UX) approach at the heart of meaningful disruption The UX approach is cementing its place in the language of business. Its... Read More
8th Mar 2019 in Press Releases

Rolfes Chemicals

Rolfes Chemicals PRESS RELEASE – 8 March 2019 Nanotechnology set to disrupt coatings industry 2019 will see an increase in the use of nanotechnology within the chemical coatings sector. This... Read More
26th Feb 2019 in Press Releases


StratoPOD PRESS RELEASE – 26 February 2019 Change management still lacking in digital transformation projects Top implementers of digital transformation projects are in the minority, according to a global study... Read More
20th Jan 2019 in Press Releases


Teraco PRESS RELEASE – 20 January 2019 Next generation data centres help enterprises digitally transform Next generation data centres are rapidly gaining momentum as more banks and large enterprises embark... Read More
11th Oct 2018 in Press Releases


Tshimologong PRESS RELEASE – 11 October 2018 IT and the Green economy identified as future-orientated businesses in South Africa Research studies launched on small and medium business growth South African... Read More
18th Jul 2018 in Press Releases

Gondwana International Networks

Gondwana International Networks PRESS RELEASE – 18 July 2018 Seizing opportunities in Zimbabwe’s new era As Zimbabwe courts investors and ramps up efforts to create a business-friendly environment, connectivity and... Read More
9th May 2018 in Press Releases


Eseye PRESS RELEASE – 9 May 2018 SA improves its emphasis on IoT as digital strategies now focus on the technology South African businesses are being forced to redefine value... Read More
6th Mar 2018 in Press Releases

Jozi Angels

Jozi Angels PRESS RELEASE – 6 March 2018 South African startups need more angels In his recent SONA address, President Cyril Ramaphosa placed significant emphasis on small business and entrepreneurship.... Read More
29th Jan 2018 in Press Releases

e4 Press Release

e4 PRESS RELEASE – 29 January 2018 Gig Economy disrupts status quo, presenting an opportunity for Africa A Digital Talent Exchange is born Freelancing has found a new name in... Read More
6th Dec 2017 in Press Releases

StratoPOD Press Release

StratoPOD PRESS RELEASE – 6 December 2017 Multiplatform apps to drive customer-centric development in 2018 Near native performance will become a reality in 2018 thanks to ongoing improvement of development... Read More
13th Nov 2017 in Press Releases

Seed Academy Press Release

Seed Academy PRESS RELEASE – 13 November 2017 More entrepreneurs are needed to secure SA’s economic growth – the question is how to make it happen faster By: Donna Rachelson,... Read More
1st Nov 2017 in Press Releases


Routed PRESS RELEASE – 1 November 2017 “Cloud 2.0 – the dawning of Pragmatic Cloud?” South Africa’s cloud adoption rate is on the increase and we are rapidly moving from... Read More
16th Oct 2017 in Press Releases


AfricaOnline PRESS RELEASE – 16 October 2017 AfricaOnline leads Ghana’s digital economy evolution Celebrating 20 years as a leading ISP While Africa still has very real infrastructure development challenges, the... Read More
4th Oct 2017 in Press Releases

Assimilated Information Systems (AIS)

Assimilated Information Systems (AIS) PRESS RELEASE – 4 October 2017 Paperless gains momentum for mobile millennial customers The shift toward cloud and paperless is fast gaining momentum as the new... Read More
18th Sep 2017 in Press Releases

Eseye Press Release

Eseye PRESS RELEASE – 18 September 2017 M2M key to unlocking economic inclusivity and innovation in Africa As more financial service providers adopt machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions, it is becoming ever... Read More
3rd Aug 2017 in Press Releases


Teraco PRESS RELEASE – 3 August 2017 Hyperscale demand encourages African infrastructure investment Teraco launches Riverfields Hyperscale Data Centre Facility It’s taken hyperscale computing a decade to steadily claim significant... Read More
5th Jun 2017 in Press Releases

Seed Academy

Seed Academy PRESS RELEASE – 5 June 2017 Young black, female owned businesses on the fast track to success AccelerateHer programme concludes with lasting impact The inaugural Seed Academy/WDB AccelerateHer... Read More
15th May 2017 in Press Releases


Eseye PRESS RELEASE – 15 May 2017 Eseye assist eWater to ensure 13,000 people have access to clean water According to statistics from NGO, The Water Project, 783 million people... Read More
3rd May 2017 in Press Releases


Routed PRESS RELEASE – 3 May 2017 Cloud adoption hampered by a desire for control and sub-par technology platform design The current cloud disconnect within the enterprise is temporary according... Read More
10th Apr 2017 in Press Releases


NAPAfrica PRESS RELEASE – 10 April 2017 Africa is playing infrastructure catch up Why the cloud is not the only answer The amount of businesses embracing an online strategy is... Read More
4th Apr 2017 in Press Releases


Genetec PRESS RELEASE – 4 April 2017 IoT Running Wild on Networks Compromises Security At the Genetec Inc. IP security seminar in Midrand Johannesburg, regional sales manager, Brent Cary said,... Read More
3rd Apr 2017 in Press Releases

Gondwana International Networks

Gondwana International Networks PRESS RELEASE – 3 April 2017 Africa the centre of new space race era In 2017 and beyond, Africa will find itself at the heart of a... Read More
15th Mar 2017 in Press Releases


Teraco PRESS RELEASE – 15 March 2017 Teraco raises R1.2 billion in debt funding for further investment into South African data centres Teraco, Africa's largest carrier & cloud neutral colocation... Read More
22nd Feb 2017 in Press Releases


E4 PRESS RELEASE – 22 February 2017 Expect to be disrupted: A smart approach to investing in innovation That innovation is important and necessary for survival goes without saying. While... Read More
20th Oct 2016 in Press Releases


Eseye PRESS RELEASE – 20 October 2016 IoT will change the African landscape of data communications Why Africa needs the industrial revolution that is the Internet of Things [IoT] Eseye,... Read More
18th Oct 2016 in Press Releases


NSBC PRESS RELEASE – 18 October 2016 2016 National Small Business Survey reveals SME resilience despite economic strain Despite a tough economic environment, 92% of small businesses in South Africa... Read More
25th Jul 2016 in Press Releases


StratoPOD PRESS RELEASE – 25 July 2016 Gauteng evolves as South Africa’s hub for enterprise app development Gauteng is fast emerging as a centre for enterprise app development. This is... Read More
20th Jul 2016 in Press Releases

WITS Fak’ugesi

WITS Fak’ugesi PRESS RELEASE – 20 JULY 2016 Save the date for Fak’ugesi 2016 – Africa’s best digital innovation and creativity festival From 19 August to 3 September the Fak’ugesi... Read More
19th Jul 2016 in Press Releases


JCSE PRESS RELEASE – 19 JULY 2016 JCSE ICT skills survey highlights ongoing reality of South Africa’s skills gap  2016 JCSE ICT Skills Survey urges stakeholders to translate policy into... Read More
17th May 2016 in Press Releases


Agilitude PRESS RELEASE – 17 MAY 2016 The rise of the sales platform According to Harvard Business Review, a brand is not something you manage over time. It’s something you... Read More
29th Feb 2016 in Press Releases


Teraco PRESS RELEASE – 29 FEBRUARY 2016 Building Africa’s biggest data centre In a build comprising 17 500sqm, Teraco, Africa’s only vendor neutral data centre, will be adding to its... Read More
27th Jan 2016 in Press Releases

Fresh Projects

Fresh Projects PRESS RELEASE – 27 JANUARY 2016 Consulting engineers need to embrace the cloud Basic business principles and cloud-based technology platforms need to be considered if the consulting engineering... Read More