PR: The Trojan horse for business

I find it quite interesting that PR is suddenly in the spotlight thanks to Bell Pottinger and Duduzane Zuma.  I can’t remember when last PR has created such a stir and being the ‘bright side up’ kind of person, PR is at last being recognised as an influential tool.  In an era where trust is almost non-existent, cynicism rules, benefit of the doubt is no longer an option, PR has been thrust forward, after years of being pushed behind it’s pushy sibling, advertising, and is being expected to ‘fix the mess’ that advertising can’t with oodles of cash.  And why? Because no other tool can effectively deliver content that is engaging, influential and valuable to the brand.  Even social media struggles because it is not designed to influence to such an extent, rather to push content at people.

PR also creates profiles for people, which ideally become leading influencers, and assist is building a strong and expert-level brand.

PR also looks after reputation, something which is now critical in a much tougher business environment. It is no longer a single platform market, but rather one of multiple channels all demanding strong content from PR to engage with customers.  So PR, which was once the forgotten tool buried deep in marketing, has emerged as the Trojan horse, not only for the marketing department, but the business at large.