Why should GinjaNinjaPR write our content?

PR is not just about having good media relations, but also about being able to write adaptively to create compelling stories that journalists, the media and your target audience will enjoy reading.

PR content generation also forms the backbone for all other marketing communication. Without correctly crafted PR content that tells the full story, what will your social media manager actually say about you online that’s going to be worth reading? Will your promotional emails stand out? What will give your quarterly magazine substance?

You’ve heard over again that content is king, and this is where we’ve got a tried-and-tested formula to put a solid content strategy in place that works through the following tactics:

  • Identifying and understanding your target audience
  • Knowing what format your content needs to be in. Is an e-book best? What about an infographic? Or a newsletter?
  • Creating the content that they want to read
  • Distributing the content

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