GinjaNinjaPR launches bespoke media training with Sias du Plessis

Renowned broadcast journalist, Sias du Plessis has partnered with Samantha Hogg, owner of GinjaNinjaPR, to offer a short and impactful media coaching series. With decades of experience behind both these individuals, the training aims to better prepare spokespeople who are thrust into the spotlight be it for business or sport commentary. As professionals working in the sector, the duo can offer practical, hands-on advice and examples covering many angles and situations.

Du Plessis, well known for his broadcast work is excited to offer guidance and expertise in a sector he has grown to love over 18 years: “This is an exciting venture and I am really hoping that together we can help spokespeople and brand ambassadors feel more comfortable and safe behind a microphone.”

Hogg, who has 28 years of PR experience says that good spokespeople are not necessarily born: “Conducting interviews is never an easy task and unfortunately not everyone is a naturally gifted speaker. Sias and I are aiming to better equip anyone in the spotlight to make every media interview a good one.”

She says that of significance is understanding the role of a spokesperson and the do’s and don’ts when you are representing a company, brand or yourself: “There are so many examples of interviews going wrong, comments being taken out of context or just managed poorly. By offering an intensive session on understanding the media better and how to ensure you communicate effectively, we will help many individuals improve their skills and even enjoying the role of the spokesperson,” says Hogg.

Partnering with du Plessis is exciting for her: “I have wanted to tackle this much needed training, but knew I needed a top-notch broadcast specialist to collaborate with: “Sias is the ultimate professional with a voice of gold. I am so excited for him to work with business leaders and brand ambassadors to improve their translation to camera. Being on radio or TV can be daunting and there are some key tips and tricks Sias can share to almost immediately improve the experience.”

Social media has catapulted so many into viral wars with many facing dire consequences. By highlighting some simple interview and social media conduct tips, du Plessis and Hogg are hoping to circumvent at least a few potential crisis communications situations.

“Social media is powerful for both good and bad reasons. It’s imperative as an official spokesperson to know how to manage these channels and how to positively and effectively use for them to deliver upon a communications strategy,” says Hogg.

She believes that all PR should be tightly aligned to an overall communications strategy and that nothing should be random or adhoc. Her passion is helping people to identify their messages and then to expertly weave these into all communications in a consistent and impactful way: “The role of a company ambassador is becoming critical. Being able to speak well, and with purpose, is critical. Every media interview must be reviewed and prepared for and nobody should accept one if it has no strategic intent.”

The workshop is designed to last for a maximum of five hours, understanding that at this level, time is of essence. Both du Plessis and Hogg will also offer additional coaching to those who would like to build on the training. It will include a theory component as well as invaluable practical sessions in front of the camera.

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