Celebrating 16 years of entrepreneurship and the rise of the GinjaNinja

16 years ago, on a wing and a prayer, I left my job as the MD of an international PR agency to join, my then husband, to form a communications agency and focus on building a family. Having struggled to conceive, I needed a lifestyle change and thought that starting a business would do it. Ironically, that decision shaped my life and has played a far greater role that I initially anticipated. I am extremely proud to celebrate 16 years as a self-employed woman. The business has grown and it has shrunk, we have done huge projects and very small ones. Worked with big brands and unknown brands. I am grateful for the many opportunities to build PR campaigns for so many incredible brands. The lessons have been plentiful and the road windy, but exhilarating. It has survived a divorce, management buyout and brand change, making the 16-year milestone even more significant. As a single Mom, being self-employed has enabled me to provide for my daughters as well as be a very present mother. Both of which are equally important to me. Being an entrepreneur has also taught my daughters the importance of being independent, innovative, resilient, strong, creative and strategic. To have spent 16 years out of a career spanning 28 years as a business owner brings with it a great sense of achievement. It has encouraged me to reflect and celebrate all the challenges faced and all the successes accomplished. In honour of my journey and to possibly help others, below are 16 things I think you need to know about being a female entrepreneur.

  1. Don’t think about being self-employed too often, it will freak you it.
  2. There is truth to the saying: “If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.”
  3. Stand strong as woman in dominate male industry, there are too few of us.
  4. Fake it until you make it works.
  5. Trust your gut instinct.
  6. Know that if you don’t win a piece of business, it’s simply not meant to be.
  7. Don’t let any one client dominate your business revenue.
  8. Unless you attach a value to your service, no value will be perceived.
  9. Do not discount yourself too low just to win the business.
  10. Decide at the outset if you want to build a big business or not.
  11. Grow slowly and steadily according to your strategy.
  12. Do not divert your attention too quickly nor stray from your original business intent.
  13. Work with clients you like.
  14. Never lose your passion for your trade.
  15. Hire professional support people like bookkeepers, accountants and of course, communication consultants!
  16. Be you, don’t become something you are not. Your originality will differentiate your business.

Thank you to my network and the industry for the immense support over the years. I am truly humbled and grateful.