Case Study – Teraco – Retainer (2012 to 2019)


Teraco provides carrier and cloud neutral colocation data centres, and with over 14 500 cross-connects, is Africa’s most interconnected data centre hub. As the first provider of highly resilient, vendor neutral data environments in sub Saharan Africa, Teraco brings global content closer to the digital edge.

With its world class data centre infrastructure and network dense ecosystems, Teraco forms a vital part of the African Internet’s backbone and is an essential part of the modern enterprise’s digital transformation strategy. It’s ever expanding ecosystems move Teraco beyond colocation and firmly establish it as an open marketplace for digital growth and innovation. Discovering new business partners, making strategic interconnection choices, on-ramping to your choice of cloud, and reaching new markets globally – Teraco provides a highly secure, flexible and resilient home for digital organisations the world over.

Purpose-built and operated to global best practice by an expert organisation with an absolute focus on data centre technology and infrastructure, Teraco offers all its clients secure, cost effective, sustainable, scalable and resilient data centre services through its Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town facilities.

GinjaNinjaPR (then Watt Communications) was appointed by Teraco Data Environments
in 2012

Initial Aims Determined

  • Raise awareness of the company within South Africa, Africa and abroad
  • Educate target markets on the benefits of vendor neutrality and colocation
  • Position Lex van Wyk and Michele McCann as thought leaders
  • Initiation and development of media relationships with Teraco
  • Generate thought-leadership articles positioning Teraco as the place ‘where the world connects’ and is seen as the leader in data centre connectivity
  • Provide a constant flow of information, communicate company growth and CSI initiatives
  • Provide a strategy framework from which to work to position the company in each phase of their growth
  • Monitor the market, and provide relevant commentary
  • Over 7 years GinjaNinjaPR has consistently delivered on the initial campaign aims and continues to reinvent the Teraco story.
  • By employing a tactical mix of PR activities we have secured exposure for Teraco in a broad range of arenas – reaching key target markets, countries and continents. The PR campaign has grown accordingly with Teraco and ensures a steady flow of coverage despite peaks and valleys in the communications activities. By understanding exactly what they do and the market in which they play we have provided consistent yet creative opportunities.

Current Aims

  • Communicate Teraco’s growth and success across Africa and abroad
  • Educate target markets on new technologies and innovation in the sector
  • Continue thought leadership with five key spokespeople
  • Provide a constant flow of information, communicate company growth and CSI initiatives
  • Keep strategy framework consistently updated as we position the company in each phase of their growth
  • Continue to own the commentary space and continue to provide high-level insights

Client Quote

“have had the privilege of working with Samantha Hogg and the team at GinjaNinjaPR at various points in my B2B marketing career. In a business relationship that has spanned over a decade I have always been impressed by the level of commitment and professionalism demonstrated.

The team at GinjaNinjaPR are extremely creative and proactive in their approach to our PR account. They deliver a consistently high level of quality coverage across our key strategic focuses and are hardworking and energetic. We work very closely with them and they are very much part of the in-house team. I would recommend them to anyone considering appointing a strong, media savvy agency.”

–  Carla Sanderson, Head of Marketing at Teraco Data Environments

Ninja Quote

“Teraco is the perfect example of a consistent and successful PR campaign – by allowing the campaign to grow and mature with the company we have seen outstanding results. Furthermore, engagement from the CEO and a close working relationship with the marketing team ensures a constant flow of communication enabling us to provide the best possible service.”

– Samantha Hogg, Owner and Managing Director of GinjaNinjaPR

  • As an integrated agency, GinjaNinjaPR assists Teraco with additional marketing support functions over and above the PR activities.

Key Activities:

  • Continuous determination of the communications plan and company messaging updates
  • Writing and distribution of company news: Company growth, client news, funding, construction, CSI activities, ownership, management updates, events etc.
  • Writing and distribution of thought leadership / opinion pieces from key Teraco spokespeople – Lex van Wyk, Jan Hnizdo, Sven Blom, Michele McCann & Andrew Owens
  • Features and Media commentary – owning the DC and Cloud commentary space
  • Media Engagement – proactive media introductions and catch up meetings, events, DC site tours and exclusive news interviews
  • Securing speaking opportunities and event assistance
  • Award nominations and securing placement for the company and key executives
  • Management of advertising campaigns
  • Assistance with web copy and company literature

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